3 Years Old-2nd Grade
  • Class Overview

  • Prisms

    The same format as our Rad Lab 60x, with a broader age range, allowing multi-age collaboration for children ages 3 through 2nd grade.  A great option for siblings of varying ages!  Children will participate in 60 minutes of science fun, following the scientific method through a hands-on sensory investigation, question of the day, sharing of hypotheses, and one hands-on focal investigation.  They will use their findings to draw their conclusions in their lab notebooks! 
    • Age Group:
      3 Years Old-2nd Grade
    • Class Size:
      10 Children
    • Pricing:
      Mondays $210
      Wednesdays and Thursdays $245
      One time lab gear fee for new families $37.22
      (lab Coat, goggles, lab notebook)
    • Mondays:
      April 9-May 14 @ 4:15pm
    • Wednesdays:
      April 18-May 30 @ 3:15pm
    • Thursdays:
      April 19-May 31 @ 3:15pm
    • Thursdays:
      April 19-May 31 @ 4:30pm
    • Location:
      Mondays: Temple Sholom, 300 East Avenue, Greenwich

      Wednesdays and Thursdays: United Methodist Church of New Canaan, 165 South Avenue, New Canaan