• Rad Lab offers hands-on science fun for children while following the scientific method!



    Spring Registration is open! Join us for science fun in the lab! TEAM STEAM! Women in Science! TEAM STEAM focuses on a new specialty each session. Join us this spring as we learn about women in science, extract DNA from a strawberry, and more! Open to all scientists ages 2nd-4th grade! Need help developing your STEAM program or Lab? We love to help schools grow their science world! Contact us for more information. "Fairy dust and wings." -hypothesis of 4 year old scientist regarding how some things can fly Where Imagination Meets Investigation! "I never thought my son would be so excited about science at such a young age!"
  • Rad Lab is a science program for children which fosters students’ natural curiosity while building science confidence and literacy amongst young learners.

    Children are natural scientists, constantly questioning the world around them.  They are fascinated by new observations, and enjoy making new discoveries! While having fun and getting plenty of hands-on experience with science, children will learn scientific concepts aligned with the state Core Science Curriculum Frameworks for Pre-K to 2nd grade.

    Each week children will participate in a hands-on science investigation together with their lab partners, and make observations in order to understand the core theme of the week.

    Each week students will be dropped off for their class.  The format for the class is as follows:

    • Sessions will begin with a sensory activity introducing the week’s core theme
    • A lesson in safety relating to the investigation will be taught
    • The Rad Lab Scientists will complete hands-on investigations
    • Each week will include a literacy component (story) supporting the week’s core theme
    • Sessions will end with a discussion and written conclusions, providing closure on the weekly core theme
  • Our Classes

    Check out these options for hands-on science fun!
    • Macros & Micros
      An Intergenerational Program for scientists of all ages
      • 3-8
      • 8
        Class size
    • Afters
      After-School Program at New Canaan Elementary Schools
      • K-2
      • 15
        Class size
    • Rad Lab 60x
      60 minutes of science fun!
      • 3-5
      • 10
        Class size
    • Prisms
      Multi-Age Collaboration! Great for siblings of varying ages!
      • 3 Years Old-2nd Grade
      • 10
        Class Size
    • TEAM STEAM! Women in Science!
      Specialized Science with a New Focus each Session!
      • 2nd-4th grade
      • 12
        Class Size
    • Rad Lab is a fantastic program for young curious minds. The teachers are warm and loving and get kids excited about science.

      Parent of Rad Lab Scientist
    • She now says that she wants to be a scientist and regularly hypothesizes, tests and draws conclusions from everyday problems.

      Owner, Cheeky Monkeys Preschool Program
    • I’m amazed at how often my children use science vocabulary in our everyday conversations since starting Rad Lab!

      Parent of Rad Lab Scientist